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    Question Polish finish

    My Polish UF kit came as an A kit and is in perfect cond. Getting ready to build and I notice the finish wipes right off on the UF parts and trigger guard with thinner yet the rear cover and barrel itself has a bullet proof finish. Did they use two different types of finish or were maybe these rifles "refurbished" at one point over the years. Numbers match and all components are mint so it would not have been due to use!

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    On the 2 I built, the front half had Parkerizing under the paint. And the paint could be dissolved with about anything, including rubbing alcohol. The UF had no Parkerizing under the paint. The UF paint was a harder to dissolve than the front paint. My guess is that the UF was made/finished in a different factory and then assembled on the rifle at the arsenal. Both kits had almost no action wear, so I doubt either was refurbished.

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