What colors of Molyresin have you tried?
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Thread: What colors of Molyresin have you tried?

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    Default What colors of Molyresin have you tried?

    I really like the flat black Molyresin and am curious about the other colors. What have you used? What did you like? What didnt you like?

    Here are photos of flat black. In real life, the two guns are the same color (more like the AMD than the UF). The lighting (sun) must be making them look different. For reference, the magazine is original blued chinese. (Sorry about the missing cleaning rod on the 63).
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    I've used both the flat and semi gloss. I prefer the semi as I like just a bit of sheen but the flat seems easier to apply. The semi gloss seems to "splotch"(looks kinda like water spots on a glass) a bit easier if you don't warm the parts enough before applying.

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    semi looks a bit better to me, but i like the flat's ease of application (like rotten mentioned, it's much easier for the semi to appear splotchy).

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    I have tried most of the colors and the only one I really dont like is the gunblue. It doesnt look like gun blue to me and I havent found a real appropriate gun to put it on except a few of the little KelTec pistols in it and they looked good. Any larger guns look, ..uhhh, just dont look good.....

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