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I was under the impression that parkerizing was a process that actually etched the surface and promoted a sort of rapid oxydation... I don't think you'd want to subject your rifling to this.. unless it has a chrome bore, which is a non-ferrous metal, I believe, and has no effect... better check with someone smarter than me to be sure, though.... I'd Plug it...
As I understand it; parkerization is the process of deposition of maganese or zinc to the surface of the metal parts. I think that is why it is important to bead blast before parkerizing. This roughs the metal up, giving it a "tooth" for the manganese or zinc to stick to.

I have read that U.S. military arms makers (Winchester, Springfield, International Harvester, Harrington and Wesson) all used to park M1 Garand barrels with out plugging the breech and muzzle end. However, I personally would plug them with soft, tapered wooden dowels.

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