This is something I've done on several guns that works really well if you don't wan't to modify your stock or replace it. I've used skateboard tape to "sticky" up stocks. A good example is what I've done to my VZ I didn't want to tupperware it so I just added some of the skateboard tape to the original pistol grip and to the lower hand guard, it stays on real well. And from what I've seen on others guns I've used it on it holds up real well for along time. I've got 2 guns that it's been on for 3 years and it's still holding tight. I'm not sure if you'd want to leave it on a varnished stock, I haven't tried it there, but on a plastic stock, like on my 308 Siaga + FAL and simular type stocks that are smooth and "slippery when wet" it works awsome. It's cheap and easy to get and dosn't really look all that bad eaither if you trim it nice. Mostly you don't have to spend big bucks for stock replacements that generally look and feel cheap and don't fit well, and can be slippery too. It's easy to remove, and dosn't change your stock, stock should you want to change it back later. Try it out I think you'll like the results, especally on one of the "black" guns.