Firearms Corrections and Improvements Act
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Thread: Firearms Corrections and Improvements Act

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    Post Firearms Corrections and Improvements Act

    Anyone seen this proposed House bill HR5005? Besides exemption security contractors like Blackwater from the machine gun ban (they will be able to purchase post-'86 MG after fingerprints and background check) it also expands Title 18, 925(e) that "the Attorney General shall authorize the importation of, by any licensed importer, the following:" to include "(3) All frames or receivers of rifles, or barrels for firearms other than handguns, if the importation is for repair or replacement purposes."

    Does this wording reopen the floodgates of barrels for "replacement" on a stripped reciever (Section 922(r) withstanding)? I'm not too keen on private security firms getting to walk the streets carrying M-16s and sub-guns while the proletariat are left out in the cold, but this last "shall authorize" part interests me except that it may make all the parts kits/barrels I purchased not as valuable as I thought they may be.

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    the way the so called "barrel ban" rules that barrels can only be imported for "sporting rifles" unless they classify all 'assault weapons" to "sporter rfiles" that is a moot issue.
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