I'm going to do some refining to my proposed "Texas Militia Law" and get it in the hands of a very gun-friendly very conservative state senator I know.

In short, "every person eligible to own a firearm as of 1/1/2007 shall be eligible to be a member of the Texas State Militia." The idea is patterened on the Swiss militia. Militiamen can own, under sponsorship of the state, any firearm which has been issued by the US armed forces, or any other armed forces, since the 1903 Springfield rifle. (Note that this would include full auto!) Or any other firearm provided they maintain at all times at least 400 rounds of ammunition ready. Got stuff in the proposal for tax exemption / liability exemption of qualified ranges for practice, minimum practice requirements, instruction in schools, etc. Callup to assist with LEOs in events of natural disasters, invasion of the state, etc.

The bastidges want to take my guns since the 2nd applies to 'state militias', well, lets just take a nice legal sidestep around their gun-grabbing, and while we're at it, re-enable ownership of select-fire and full-auto firearms!

I hate gun-grabbers!