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IMO we have to have some sort of gun control.....I do believe in our right to bare arms, However the truth is Some of us should not be able to have a weapon that can take another life...the problem I see with being able to build an unregistered weapon is, Anyone old enough to purchase a money order, mentally Stable or not, can get online purchase everything he or she needs and get the info to build a weapon to kill.....I know this because when I bought my first AK kit, No questions were asked and in a few days I had everything I needed....I will give you an example.....Lets say "mikey" the 16 year old kid 3 houses down from you...seems like a nice kid but keeps to himself, has trouble making friends....Was teased as a kid in school....hate has been building inside him since grade school.....Gets on one of many sites selling gun parts kits, Saves the money and buys everything he needs, gets all the build info he needs....When he is ready goes down to the park where your 2 children or grandchildren are playing and just mows them down......This is why we need gun control.....Not to take away yours or my rights......But how else do we weed out the "wackos" If we do not have regulations??

and who is to judge what persons are competent enough to own such weapons? you? the government?
no thanks... i will keep the rules how they are.
and if you look how much effort and cost is incurred to build an AK, one could just get to know "the right people" and get your hands on a full auto one for about the same cost.
hell, dunhams sells WSAR's for 400$