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Thread: 922 compliance on AMD-63 build?

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    SBR's are subject to the ten parts import rule, AOW's are not. Both are a $200 making tax. The AOW's has a $5 transfer tax. The difference from the SBR is that it is on a virgin reciever and no stock. Have a SOT make a AOW AMD-65 for you and transfer it for only $5. In fact, I do this for around $400.

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    Tapco said the US made pistol grip set they sell with the AMD kit counts as 1 part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino_66
    The heat shield is part of the front handguard set. Replacing just the pistol grip would leave part of the original imported set in place. Since it only counts as 1 U.S. part if you replace the upper AND lower handguard on a standard AK stock set, one would assume that both AMD pieces would need to be changed as well.
    This is the way I understand it also.
    The law says foregrip, the standard AK foregrip is comprised of two pieces, the AMD's, three pieces.
    All must be US made in order to count.

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    I think Rhino is correct. What your are defining is (what is a set). On a std AK a fore guard is two pieces top and bottom. On an AMD the set is three pieces. No one part of the set is enough, therefore replacing just the front pistol grip is not enough. Jack
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