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    Default 545 are completely to blame

    America is under total control of 435 Congressmen, 100 Senators, 9 Supreme Court Justices and one President. These 545 people are completely responsible for everything-good of bad-that happens to the country.
    They love to blame everybody else such as labor, business, OPEC, other countries, etc., but THEY are 100 percent responsible!
    Year after year they have promised to cut the deficit. Time after time they have promised to stop squandering the nation’s productivity. How many times have you heard them promise to cut back on the hemorrhaging growth of government? And, yet, decade after decade they have continued their trashing of America.
    The America standard of living, which for many years was the highest in the world, has now fallen dramatically and is plummeting all the time. Thanks to these 545, we are rapidly becoming a “third world” country.
    Starting with Lyndon Johnson, every President has tried to out-tax and out-spend the previous one. This has caused a vast loss of income and great hardship for many Americans.
    After Bill Clinton became President, he often talked about the need of the American people to “sacrifice.” He made it sound like a virtue. He implied that it was patriotic to “sacrifice.” Of course, he did not include himself or any of his millionaire henchmen in this group.
    Usually, when one must sacrifice, it is for a good cause, such as saving up money for a down payment on a home or sending a child to college. However, “sacrificing” for the government means that you get to do it again every year or two.
    I guess Ayn Rand said it best: “It stands to reason that where there is sacrifice, there is someone to collect the sacrificial offerings. Where there is service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice speaks of slaves and masters, and HE intends to be the master!” (Hitler often implored the German people to “sacrifice.”)
    But, while the government debates in public about the size of the “sacrifice” that it expects us to make, in secret it votes monumental increases for itself. In 1969 (I think) President Nixon and Congress passed a law freezing wages and prices for the public. However, at the same time they voted massive pay increases for themselves. They were known as the “Hog Congress!”
    Members of Congress have given themselves retirement benefits far beyond any given by the most generous of the Fortune 500 companies (true in the 90‘s, at least).
    Although I don’t have the current numbers, the average lifetime pension for retired Congressmen is in the millions. Don’t feel sorry for former Senator Arlen Spector who used to flip-flop between the two major parties, but, whom the voters of Pennsylvania finally flushed out of the Senate, his pension will probably amount to more than he received while he was “serving” his constituents.
    From about 1980 to 2000 Congress increased spending on itself by 700 percent. Members not only collect huge salaries, but they spend millions more on themselves. I don’t have the current numbers, but they treat themselves very well!
    They also gorge themselves on campaign contributions, which are supposed to be controlled by law, but aren’t. No one really knows how many millions these funds are worth.
    You can vote out members of Congress, but you can’t cut off their bloated incomes-they have provided for that!
    As Tom Anderson wrote in Straight Talk, Sept, 1989: “Congressmen and Senators are like bananas. They come in green and clean. Gradually they turn yellow with dark spots. Finally they get soft inside, their skins get slippery, and they begin to stink!”
    Every one of these people have sworn to uphold the Constitution and then proceed to junk it. The ever increasing government intrusion into our lives is their responsibility.
    You cannot blame the Nazi-style terrorist bureaucracies such as the BATFE, IRS, or FBI, etc. These unConstitutional organizations exist only because the aforementioned 545 permit it.
    Some people blame the unConstitutional privately owned Federal Reserve (the FED). The FED yo-yo’s the economy up and down to their own selfish interests. But, Congress created the FED and Congress can rein it in if they want to.
    And, although it is quick to steal our Rights and Freedoms, for years Congress has exempted itself from many of the oppressive laws that it passes.
    Foe example, according to the New York Time (during the 90‘s), the following are some of its unConstitutional socialistic legislation from which it exempted itself: the Americans with Disabilities act, the Age Discrimination Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Ethics in Government Act of 1978 (that’s an easy one to believe, Ethicsin Congress???), the Family Medical Leave Act, the Freedom of Information Act, the Independent Counsel Act (also easy to believe), the National Labor Standards Act, the Privacy Act, the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OSHA), the Rehabilitation Act, the Social Security Act, and Title IX of the Higher Education Act.
    Now, isn’t that something? Our “Representatives” pass restrictive laws against the people they are supposed to be serving, but the put themselves above those laws! Recently, public pressure has forced these “Aristocrats” to drop the exemption that they enjoyed on some of these tyrannical laws, but I’ll bet that Social(ist) (in)Security (SS) isn’t one of them. Why would they want to be part of a garbage program like SS when they have SO much better?
    George Mitchell, the one-time majority leader of the Senate said the following in trying to explain why these laws should not apply to Congress: “It has been said here many times tonight that...we want to treat the Senators the same as everyone else...Mr. President, not a single Senator believes that! Not a single Senator wants that!”
    Why do 300 million Americans permit this small group of people to destroy their dream of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness?” To repeat: there is not one single problem with this nation for which these 545 are not TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE!

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    There's a whole lot of truth there,, unfortunately!

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