The phony "DRUG WAR."
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Thread: The phony "DRUG WAR."

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    Default The phony "DRUG WAR."

    "For depriving us, in many Cases, of the Benefits of Trial by Jury:"

    This quote from the Declaration of Independence is one more from the long list of injustices that King George was accused of by the Founding Fathers. And, it is an injustice that has returned to America 200 years after King George passed from the scene.
    Today, this is standard practice in America. It started with the nefarious Internal Revenue System (IRS), but, like a cancer, has now spread throughout the American government. Under today's rules (You can't call them laws if they are unconstitutional) Government can take anything you own, whether you are accused or convicted of any crime.
    There is a new major war about to break out in the United States. This will be a war to the finish. Many atrocities will be committed. The probable result will be that there will be NO WINNER! It will probably tear America (as we know it) apart. This war is the GUN WAR!
    Has America ever went to war against its citizens before? The answer is “YES!” In 1980 the government announced their “War on Drugs.” The major feature of this war was that the US Constitution would be trashed! They called it “No Tolerance!” No longer would a person be considered “innocent until proven guilty.” The Fifth Amendment, which says in part “No Person...shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law...” was no longer in force. The government had recognized this Amendment from the beginning of America until that time. Never had any agent of the government thought he could take peoples’ property by merely accusing them of a crime. But, the so-called war on drugs allowed the government to take anybody’s property on “suspicion” alone. No proof needed! Just like Nazi and Communistic countries! The rule applied to all citizens. Soon law enforcement personnel applied this ugly rule to any other “crime” that they wanted. It was no longer just a “Drug War” but also a “This guy has something I want and I want it NOW rule." No longer is it necessary to go through the court to take peoples’ property. Police routinely take money and property from citizens by saying: “I suspect....” Our Liberties died with that new rule. America, the Land of the Free, was no more!
    Another despicable feature of this “war” is that INNOCENCE is NO defense against having one’s property stolen by the government. This was a horrible ruling by the United States Supreme Court (Bennis V Michigan 517 U.S. 1163 <1996>)! They have also ruled that the government can take your property and incarcerate you even if you had no knowledge or connection to a crime. All they have to say is that “...even if you did not know, you SHOULD HAVE KNOWN!” That’s another way they can make a convicted felon out of an innocent person!
    How successful has the 32 year “War on Drugs” been? Well, although we have millions of people in prisons for using drugs (In the entire world, America has the highest percentage of its people incarcerated), drugs are rampant everywhere! The streets are flooded with them! Our schools are running over with illegal drugs! Anybody who desires drugs can easily find them! The “Drug War” is a total flop for the citizens, but a tremendous financial windfall for the government as it makes it so easy for the government to take peoples’ property. The government has wasted multi billions of dollar conducting this so-called war. Although ALL types of crimes are running rampant in America, the major focus of the government is the so-called “Drug War!” Law enforcement agents at every level are devoted to the fight. Although there is a horrendous amount of crime at every level, the majority of the government’s effort is against DRUGS! This is a phony war!

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    If drugs were legal there would be less money for big banks to launder and a lot less money for certain government agencies. Any war is a money maker for the rich.

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