"He has erected a Multitude of new Offices, and sent hither Swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their Substance." Declaration Of Independence, 1776.

I often like to compare America to a hive of bees. Everybody in the hive has to work and produce. The only ones in the hives that do not produce are the drones. They are only kept to breed the queen. As long as times are good and plentiful, the drones are allowed to stay and eat. However, when times get tough, the drones are kicked out of the hive. There is only enough food for the productive members.
America is similar to the hive, but there is ONE exception. We allow the unproductive Drones (Government Workers - from dog catcher to President) to RUN the hive! And, I doubt that these Drones contribute more than one/one hundredth of one percent to the Gross National Product. And yet these Drones take good care of themselves. They constantly look for ways to take more from the productive members! You see this all the time as they constantly raise taxes and fees to fund their BIG FAT WAGES, BIG FAT BENEFITS and BIG FAT PENSIONS.
At this time millions of Americans are losing jobs, homes, pensions and so on. But, I'll bet that not one Drone has suffered any losses during these hard times. They are living the good life as usual. But, Drones still squeal like stuck pigs if they are told they may not get a raise while the productive people who are being ripped off to pay for their FAT benefits continue to lose everything.
There are probably millions of Drones in the various strata - city, county, state and Federal - of government. I remember once while I was working in a repair shop in Portland, that we had THREE (3) fire inspections (City, County and Federal, I think) in ONE WEEK! Our shop was crawling with Drones - 3 and 4 at a time! This was just after California passed Property tax limiting Proposition 13 and I told one of the Drones that we needed to do something like that in Oregon. He just laughed and said that he was going to retire soon and it wouldn't hurt him - He already had his BIG FAT PENSION assured!
During the debate on the ObamaScare health plan, one Representative added an Amendment that ALL DRONES would have to take part in the program! Of, course, that idea was quickly scuttled! There is NO WAY that any Drone wants anything to do with Obama's plan! Drones are well aware of what a scam it is and they have something far BETTER and plan to keep it! They feel that ObamaScare is OK for workers but NOT for Drones!
Reread the above quote from the Declaration of Independence and see if we aren't living in the same situation today!