The GOP-a lost cause?
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    Default The GOP-a lost cause?

    The GOP, going, going, go..

    Most of us will agree that the Democratic Party (Socialist Party A) has no use for gun-owners, pro-life people Bible believing Christians and a Constitutional republic.
    Therefore, those who do believe in the above, have felt that the Republican Party (the GOP, also known as Socialist Party B) has represented them.
    The GOP is considered to be a bastion of conservatism. Millions of naive and hopeful Americans have joined it thinking that it would serve them. Even such Christian leaders as James Dobson and Jerry Faldwell have been so deceived.
    However, after studying the actions of the 2 major parties, I have come to the conclusion that both are self-serving entities that play “Liberals” and “Conservatives” against each other to further their own goals such as a dictatorial “New World Order (NWO).”
    All of us have laughed at the Harlem Globetrotters as they clown around the arena and gradually “defeat” their opponents. But, it is not really a contest. They carry another team with them which is expected to provide token opposition before getting “beat.” All an act. Just like Democrats and Republicans.
    Another example is professional wrestling. This is the phoniest “sport” exhibition around, but, as long as everybody realizes it is a live-action cartoon it is OK. However, some people believe that wrestling is on the level. It is the same in politics. As the wrestlers ham it up and threaten each other with all kinds of mayhem-everything being rehearsed ahead of time-Republicans and Democrats do the same thing. Each party is the other’s “loyal opposition.” The awful truth is that both parties seem to be owned by the elitist Liberal Eastern Establishment.
    At the present time, we have a president who is pushing America down a slippery slope into an absolute tyranny. Since he took office, President Obama has been dedicated to finishing the work-started by Bill Clinton and continued by George W. Bush-to destroy as much of the old American way as possible. Like people possessed these men have worked hard to socialize this country. And, every facet of this tyrannical nightmare has been put over the top by Republicans!
    For example, Clinton’s “Crime Bill.” which is still trashing our Rights. Are you unhappy over the way that this legislative action-which takes us down the same totalitarian path that Nazi Germany trod-was Passed? Blame the GOP! It was they that pushed it through. I heard one Republican say that he voted for it because “I wasn’t elected to embarrass the President.” That’s true; you were elected to represent your constituents and defend the Constitution!
    When Clinton was pushing his Second Amendment destroying “Brady Bill” through Congress, he lacked the votes to get it. He thus called on his republican buddies Bob Dole, Mark Hatfield and Ronald Reagan who got it passed for him. (Reagan said: “I’m a member of the NRA, but I am for this bill!”
    Clinton’s Assault Weapons Ban (AWB) could never have been enacted without GOP support. Former Presidents Ford, George Bush Sr., and Reagan sent letters supporting the BAN to ALL members of Congress! Even “Conservative” Barry Goldwater backed Clinton. 38 Republican Congressmen eventually voted for this measure. (Reagan’s son Michael said on his radio show that his father was wrong to do this!)
    Many prominent current and former Republican politicians are against the Second Amendment - John Warner, Elton Gallegly, John Chaffe, Bob Packwood, Bob Michel, Henry Hyde, Rudolph Gulianai, NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former L.A. Mayor Richard Riorand, William Bennett, Jim Edgar, William Weld, Pet Wilson, Arne Carlson, Mitt Romney, Governor Chris Christie, and Arnold Schwarzennager, Of course there are many others. All belong in the gun-grabber’s Hall of Shame! Is there any difference between these Republicans and Hitler, who prohibited Germans (except Nazis) from having guns? With Republicans like these, who needs Democrats?
    Republicans provided the deciding votes when Clinton enacted the largest tax increase in history during 1993.
    When “Waco War” heroine Janet Reno was confirmed as Attorney General, every Republican voted for her! Only three voted against the confirmation of Ruth Bader Ginsberg for the Supreme Court (she has been hostile to American freedom ever since!). Although a sustained outpouring of letters and phone calls ran 100 to1 against her candidacy as Surgeon General, 13 Republicans voted to confirm Jocelyn Elders.
    Republicans voted for the misnamed “Freedom of Access to (abortion) Clinic entrances Act” All Republican appointees to the Supreme Court have upheld “Roe v Wade.” For years Republicans have practiced the same wasteful “tax and spend” policies as Democrats. (Look at President Bush, Jr. The biggest deficits in history until Obama). Instead of resisting Clinton’s National Socialist Health Plan (now Obama’s), Republicans offered their own socialistic alternative. They even hired Communist dictator Mikhail Gorbachev to campaign for GOP candidates!
    It is time for Americans-who want to see this country return to its old traditional values-to learn who their true enemies are. Democrats yes, but also Republicans.We are probably better off with Democrats in office because they make no pretense about caring for us. Republicans, however, give lip service to our concerns only to later stab us in the back!
    The sad fact is, the GOP is a lost cause.Like the Democrats, they too, are against righteousness and freedom. If you hold Republican John McCain before a mirror, you will see Charles Schumer looking back.
    The GOP is festered with betrayal and cowardice. The only thing that the majority of its leaders (same with the Democrats) care about are their jobs with the attendant BIG FAT WAGES, BIG FAT BENFITS and BIG FAT PENSIONS! As long as they remain in “power,” that’s all that matters to them.
    The Republican Party is represented by an elephant. It should change its symbol to a dinosaur with a big, yellow streak down its back. It is time for gun-owners, Christians, Constitutionalists, anti-abortionists and any one else who wants to put the government back under the Constitution where it belongs to stop supporting these “turn-coats” and seek someone who will truly represent us. We need a new party. The GOP should be consigned to the dung-heap of history!

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    I mostly vote tea party or independent since 2008.
    SOON-We already lost the war. You are the resistance.

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    Democrap or Reprobate party. They are all in it for themselves.

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