The Fifth Amendment guarantees that nobody shall be “deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”
However, at one time, after the commission of certain heinous crimes, it was common for mobs to form and pull the suspect(s) out of jail and “string ‘em up, we won’t have no trial!” An unknown number of people perished that way. This type of action was known as “lynching,” and, guilty or innocent, there was nothing the victim could do about it afterward.
Today, reading any Wednesday edition of the USA Today you will find a full page of property “seized” by the US Government from “suspects.” This is using “Lynch Law” against property (“We won’t have no trial!”) In 80 percent of these “seizure” or”forfeiture” cases the Government’s victims are not even charged with a crime!
Today “Lynch Law is used by every layer of government (city, county, state and federal) under such names as “RICO” as they search for ways to “increase revenue (gotta pay for those fat pensions somehow!). Many police departments base up to twenty percent of their budgets on “lynched” property.
Although it is always said that Americans are “presumed to be innocent until proven guilty,” what do the black robed “defenders of our Rights” have to say? In the case of “Bennis v Michigan” the US Supreme Court ruled that “...the innocence of the owner of property subject to forfeiture has almost uniformly been rejected as a defense!” SAY WHAT!!! INNOCENCE IS NO DEFENSE!!! I have heard greedy money-hogging judges use that old line that “Ignorance of the law is NO EXCUSE!” But INNOCENCE IS NO EXCUSE EITHER??? WHAT A COUNTRY!
I Actually believe that these government property grabbing schemes are the fulfillment of Karl Marx’s dream: “...the theory of the Communists may be summed up in a single sentence: Abolition of Private Property!” (Communist Manifesto).
I want to strongly urge everybody to cache some of their weapons while you can. Bury them miles away form your home. I have heard the the BATFE is making unannounced calls on gun owners. And, they don’t always knock! Sometimes they will smash their way into your home and take anything they want. Using the afore mentioned Supreme Court case, they could take your property and NEVER return it because again I say: “INNOCENCE IS NO DEFENSE against forfeitures and seizures!”
“Lynch Law,’ will it come to your home?