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    Default Gimme the (tax) money!

    “For the love of money is the root of all evil...” (first Peter 6: 10 KJV)

    Anybody living in America today can attest to the veracity of that Biblical statement.
    You see it all around. Every government agency is grubbing for your last dollar while-all the time-they’re telling you it’s all for your own good!
    The local school district periodically sends out a “shill sheet” that informs you of how much of your money they “need’ even though we in Oregon spend more per student than a lot of other states do. Most school employees only work 9 months a year. But, they receive bloated salaries, mammoth pensions and other benefits that most of you will never see. They expect property owners to “sacrifice” for them, but they have NO intention of sacrificing ANYTHING themselves! They might merit their monster payments if they turned out a good product. But, unfortunately American students lag far behind the students of a number of foreign countries, whose teachers do not receive anything near to the money package that teachers receive in the USA.
    Then there is the county. “We gotta get more “revenue (Taxes and fees)” or cut “needed “ services.
    The cities cry all the time for more, more, more.
    The state says that “We’re going to have to receive more money or it’s going to destroy the state.”
    The cities, counties and state are all increasing taxes and fees as well as pressuring “law enforcement officers (the police) to write more and more tickets (“Don’t forget! The money for your big, fat pension has to come from somewhere!”)
    And, of course, the library, local transit system, irrigation districts, historical society and all other government agencies are always trying to pick your pockets.
    The President says that we’ll have to “contribute (pay immensely more taxes)” and “invest in the future (increase spending and add to the deficit)” to straighten out this nation. (It is the mismanagement actions of the government that produced this “need” in the first place.
    It goes on and on. Every kind of government agency grabbing at an honest citizen’s paycheck. When it is suggested that these agencies “live within their means, they scream to high heaven. There is an old saying that “Pigs always squeal when they’re stuck!”
    I want to wish every American good luck on getting to retain a little bit of what they work for!

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    yeah it's just going to get worse, as time goes by.. the state will always want more and more of your money.. my boss got a audit a few years ago... he owned a small business for over 30 years and had never been audited, so they run him through the ringer. cost's him $5G more in taxes and all the other costs related to it..

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