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    Default Who remembers when:

    Who remembers when:

    Everybody was proud to be an American, proud of our president, our government, and our flag?
    A person, elected to office, took an oath to uphold the Constitution and meant it?
    Government was a gentle servant, not a fearful master?
    “Big Brother” was a figment of the imagination, not a terrifying reality?
    A policeman was your friend and would protect you, not “seize” your property?
    “Jack-booted thugs” referred to Nazis, not U.S. Government agents?
    The government didn’t kill innocent citizens?
    Life in prison meant just that?
    A death sentence didn’t mean 15 to 20 years on “death Row” at the expense of millions of dollars a year?
    A person didn’t have to convert his home into a fortified prison to be “safe” from crime?
    Law-abiding citizens had as many rights as vicious criminals?
    We had low taxes and high employment?
    A man could earn enough that his wife could stay home and care for the children?
    Illegitimacy and abortion were very rare?
    Children were taught the “three R’s” in school, not “new math” and revisionist history?
    Kids went to school without guns, knives and other dangerous objects?
    There were NO drugs in schools?
    Schools were operated to provide education for children, not lucrative jobs for the employees?
    Bible believing Christians were considered to be the standard for morality, not “dangerous radical religious right-wing bigots?”
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