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  1. you can have 1 rifle to store...
  2. 2nd AR - what caliber would YOU want
  3. Do you have a Bug-Out bag?
  4. best choice shtf rifle?
  5. Do You Have A Concealed Handgun License?
  6. What is the Best Guard Dawg?
  7. War with Iran
  8. Whats the hardest thing for a man to do?
  9. Whats the fastest way to spend money in less than 45 secs?
  10. New Polls
  11. to stock up or to wait out, which have you chosen?
  12. DC gun case and 2nd amend
  13. Your AK,... SLING "On",...or SLING "Off"?
  14. Another lie?
  15. Which RED DAWN guy are you?
  16. The most cluttered work bench
  17. Poll Section!
  18. let's have a poll
  19. Best 7.62x39 Ammo???