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  1. Swordslinger's Leather work
  2. Swordslinger's Custom knives
  3. How to shooting sticks
  4. Wingbone call and tutorial
  5. Swordslinger's Hunting Pics
  6. Range of game that the 155gr 7.62x39 SP's are good for?
  7. feral swine
  8. No deer for my first day out muzzleloading...
  9. she's not the bruiser i was hoping for...
  10. They'll Eat
  11. Is .223 too big to hunt rabbits with?
  12. Coyotes and Fire Ants
  13. wind really blows...
  14. Trailcam pic--biggest whitetail evar
  15. Chuckars in Utah
  16. Underwater Hunting
  17. Man oh man why can't it be November...
  18. Going on safari? Wanna hunt a Lion? Maybe not...
  19. Any good hunting stories?
  20. My new butchering table
  21. Which shotgun load to use....
  22. Anyone shoot a big game animal with 5.45x39?
  23. Just wondering if anyone here metal detects?
  24. How many Bow Hunters do we have here?
  25. Just wondering who hunts with Blackpowder