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Thread: Why does Tommo hate the Irish

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    Default Why does Tommo hate the Irish


    cant help himself, to make himself seem worthy, funny ( not) to raise his post count (maybe I doubt it), he must post a Irish joke once a week. not a Italian joke, polish joke, black folks joke, Muslim joke, nope the irish.

    I am starting to think some girl in his past gave him the clap or maybe some Irish guy, like Hitler his target is constantly the Irish

    maybe it was that cute redheaded Irish girl or guy in high school who kept turning him down.

    does not matter a HATER is a hater, so instead of making fun of the president and his inner circle, he finds it necessary to pick on this one celtic group, again not the welsh, scots,

    as with all naive people its probably because they are catholic, they are the easy target, because he knows if he were to post Muslim joke once a week of the year eventually the muslims would not turn the other cheek.

    some may say he is doing this to piss me, off well Im beyond that, I have come to the conclusion he is a jerk off, who has no life or self worth

    I will not be responding to the replies I made my point

    slan agus bannach
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    SOON-We already lost the war. You are the resistance.

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    Ok, you have spoken your peace, no further comments are necessary on this thread.
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