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Thread: Coinbase Shuts Down Bitcoin Biz for Firearms Companies

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    Default Coinbase Shuts Down Bitcoin Biz for Firearms Companies

    Coinbase Shuts Down Bitcoin Biz for Firearms Companies


    Then several months ago, without warning we stopped receiving any Bitcoin payments. We thought it was a problem with our website and spent quite a bit of time trying to figure what was wrong. Coinbase support initially indicated that they did not know what the problem was. Everything looked normal on our account. Then today, we received the email below stating “due to recent changes in the regulatory environment we are unable to provide services to firearms dealers.”

    So basically, Coinbase changed their policy and didn’t tell anybody. They simply shut down the accounts of any firearms-related dealers who were doing business with them. They lacked the courtesy to even send us a letter or email after the fact. This was the only mainstream Bitcoin processor that we know of that did business with the firearms industry. The Obama administration’s Operation Chokepoint seems to be having its intended effect. We will have to stop accepting Bitcoin because we now have no other Second Amendment-friendly Bitcoin processor to turn to.

    Continued: Coinbase Shuts Down Bitcoin Biz for Firearms Companies - The Truth About Guns

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    That whole "bit coin " thing ,,I always thought was a real sketchy thing at best. It is nothing I'd ever use or trust and good old "cash in hand" almost always gets me a better deal ,,when cash goes South,,silver, gold and trade goods will have to do.

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    But yet they have no problem with hackers who spread encryption viruses and hold data hostage until user pay up in bitcoins.
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