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Thread: Gun Ban Plaintiff Dick Heller Files New Lawsuit Against Washington, D.C.

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    Postak Gun Ban Plaintiff Dick Heller Files New Lawsuit Against Washington, D.C.

    The plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that overturned Washington's 32-year-old handgun ban has filed a new federal lawsuit against the city.In a complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court, Dick Heller and two other plaintiffs allege that the city's new gun regulations still violate rights guaranteed under the Constitution.


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    this guy is my new hero! GO Heller!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Interesting to see some states still do not allow extended magazines.
    Here in Florida they are allowed. The only reason I know or see the law is because when purchasing I see the notice "cannot be shipped to N.Y., California, whatever states.
    As the antis have been using the courts to torment legal gun owners. It is good to see the tables turned.
    Heller 08.
    "Man needs but two things to survive alone in the woods. A blow up female doll and his trusty old AK-47" - Thomas Jefferson 1781

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