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Thread: Calls from Gun Owners Overwhelm the Illinois State House – Legislators Back Down from

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    Postak Calls from Gun Owners Overwhelm the Illinois State House – Legislators Back Down from

    Last night, anti-gun legislators in the Illinois House were scheduled to vote on an amendment to Senate Bill 2899 which would have turned this bill into a semiautomatic firearms/magazine ban and registration scheme (previously reported by NRA-ILA here).  However, in a large part thanks to your telephone calls and e-mail messages, the Illinois House decided that it would not vote on the anti-gun amendment to SB 2899, and did not even hear this amendment in committee.   The announcement of this decision was made by state Representative Elaine Nekritz, Chairman of the House committee where this bill had been sent.  To view this announcement, please click here – she says it herself -- your calls and e-mails made a difference!


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    i'm glad we got a small victory here--now if they can push that hard on the national level maybe we can put this idiotic gun grabbing to rest.

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    The Media is the fuel behind all this .....

    All they talk about on the news channels is we should ban semi autos and they are agreeing with other giving out their point of views at why.

    One nite, they have a woman from Australia giving her views why its good to ban them ..

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    It will just push homeboy to use executive order.

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