borrow $900B to buy $900B in ammo?
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Thread: borrow $900B to buy $900B in ammo?

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    Talking borrow $900B to buy $900B in ammo?

    scuttle butt is that obama had kerry attempt to BUY the russian shipment of ammo out from under the US retailers.

    the russians laughed kerrys ass off the phone cause he also wanted to borrow the money to buy the ammo to prevent the US citizens from paying CASH for the product!

    it is all scuttlebutt but it sounds so "obamaish" i tend to believe it.

    i bet the russians are getting a laugh out of this--

    " 900 billion rounds for amerika! that that you socialist obamma swine!"

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    If this is true then there needs to be some serious out cry .

    I do find it interesting that the russsian ammo is not going to our military or DHS an there is very little to buy . It would seem to me they would be flooding our market with demand being so high.

    so were is this 900Billion in ammo ?? thats a lot of x39 , 223, 22lr, 308, primmers

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    I wish they would seend us some more Mosin Nagants & Thompsons!! I would borrow some money!! Heh..Heh
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