Bubba-ed together a Side Folding Pistol "Stabilizer" for my MPX
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Thread: Bubba-ed together a Side Folding Pistol "Stabilizer" for my MPX

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    Default Bubba-ed together a Side Folding Pistol "Stabilizer" for my MPX

    I , Bubba’ed together a side folding , “pistol brace” for my Sig MPX using the following.
    KAK MPX Stock adaptor $49
    KAK Shockwave Blade Tube$20
    ShockBlade (pistol Stabilizer$49
    UTG Side Folding adaptor $19

    Total before Shipping $137

    Having dealt with KAK before I was relatively confident that their products would be good quality , and I wasn’t disappointed. Everything is finished quite nicely and fits together quite nicely.
    The unknown for me was the UTG hinge. I stumbled across a listing for it on of all places ebay. It was listed as a side folding adapter for their M4 stock mount for an AK. I have used some UTG stuff in the past, most were at best , adequate, but since it listed for $19 with free shipping, I decided since the risk was less than $20, I ordered it.
    I was mildly surprised by its construction and fit. Constructed of aluminum, lockup is solid but there is a minute amount of play. It is in no way flimsy and the section that screws into the receiver is very thick. The only negative thing I have to offer is the finish. It appears to be thick epoxy paint , rather than anodizing or cerakote.

    Ok I assembled all the parts , and it was ok but extra threads, and extra length made it look and I didn’t care for the way it looked . So I counted the number of threads that were exposed on both the UTG hinge and on the KAK tube , disassembled everything ran a castle nut on counted back the number of threads that had been exposed and grabbed the Dremel and a cut off wheel . After cutting off the excess threads off, I deburred the ends and removed the castle nut wich straightened and bent threads.. reassembled everything.

    Here is how it came out.

    I am not sure how the UTG part is going to hold up over the long haul , but I will find out. If if holds up when the stamp comes back I will just switch out the KAK tube and brace for a tube and Stock .
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    That is pretty cool looking. Have to say I never considered a folding pistol brace. But I don't one at all.

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    That is sweet brother. Nice job.
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