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    Lightbulb Dr beckers guest-- on mass shooters

    i was watching VTN the other day and there is this Dr on VTN, becker is his name --you know the TV dr that sells herbals and vitamins--

    anyway he had this guest who was a scientist with a shit load of PHDs --i can't recall his name as i had a bit of 100 proof nogg +++ at the time--

    getting to the point this guest Dr/scientist has studied all types of mental illness shit starting in the 1970s and he has a massive database of brain abnormalities and mental defects-like 50,000+++ cases -and his studies has come up with some interesting insights. now i won't go into autism and such but i will touch on all these mass shootings/school shootings.

    in his data base he has the medical records of 50 recent mass shooters --of that 50--- 49 were taking a popular and well advertised on TV anti-depressant drug. it is a small sample but that would indicate that 98% of shooters were on a Rx antidepressant.

    he could not say what that drug was for fear of lawsuits. he did say that there are 5 types of depression , yet there is only one class of drug normally used for treatment. the "commonly given" drug is only effective at treating TWO of the five kinds of depression. it is ineffective on ONE and has severe side effects on the other two --which includes psycoitic breaks ---

    there is a blood test that costs $80 that can tell IF this drug will work or give severe reactions --but that test is rarely ever given and the Drs usually just hand out the meds willy-nilly-- like the VA--

    the navy yard shooter is a classic example.

    the vet went there for help with depression and PTSD , the VA just gave him sacks full of this anti-depressant which instead of working to control depression turned him into a raving idiot--

    yea if the medical system wanted to find the answer they would look-- but i think they don't want to know what is REALLY going on --and that starts in a little plastic pill bottle--
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    This all may be true .

    If there is a test then it should be administered how ever that sest needs a very high rate of accuracy .

    My concern is if people with issues who need help are afraid of loosing rights then they will never get help an more peole will die.

    i know peole who are on meds that seem to do them a lot of good an I know people who nbeed to be on smonething an need help but will never admitt it an never get it .

    I do agree that meds are over prescribed. it sort of a hey try this an lets see what happens .

    some of the anti smoking drugs like chantix seem to realy screw soem people up I have seen it first hand were the almost go nuts .

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