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Thread: I joined the GSSF - it's for you Glock fans

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    Default I joined the GSSF - it's for you Glock fans

    My son took me to one of there matches where he's already a member, well my competitive nature struck and before I knew it I was on the firing line with my back up Mod 27 40cal. shooting steel and paper targets. While filling out the necessary paper work a certified Glock armorer, for free went over my 27 and cleaned it and replaced the single recoil spring with a new duel type for free, they do it at all the Glock Shooting Sports Foundation shoots if you ask at no charge for the parts. They also gave me a box of ammo so I had enough for the competition. If you join for two years you'll get a coupon for a at cost factory price Glock of your choice. Theirs lots of other benefits too, especially for women shooters but i recommend you go to there web site. I had a blast and there in all 50 states.
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    Got my coupon today. Now I need to find a dealer that will accept these.
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    I'm a GSSF member too and really like the matches. "Rock Your Glock" is great because unlike IDPA, the older guys can be very competitive too. We usually have 70 to 100 competitors and some guys in their mid-70's are placing in the top 25%. Everybody with a pistol should try this at least once. The competitors are always trying to get new people involved and are very helpful. Great bunch of guys!

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