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Thread: SLR-101 - restore to preban or...?

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    Default SLR-101 - restore to preban or...?

    pic from

    Got an unfired SLR-101 new in the box. Should I mill out the magwell to accept double stacks or leave it as is and sell it to less fortunate folks in ban states?

    I have a vertical mill but I also already have plenty of AK's.

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    Convert it.... It is verboten in Kalifornia since it is listed on the naughty list. Just be sure to keep the magwell as narrow as possible. It's too bad, I would buy that in an instant. Except I live in Kalifornia.
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    I am not familiar with that model of single stack. One thing to investigate is the bolt lower lug. Some single stack AK's have shorter and narrower lower bolt lugs to feed through the narrow feed lips of the single stack mag.
    On a Romanian the bolt is sufficiently wide and deep enough to feed double stack mags reliably. On some of the earlier single stack PAP Yugo's this is hit or miss and the bolt must be swapped out on some to feed properly from double stack mags.

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