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    Default turned down a bargain !

    so I was surfing gunbroker and came across something I liked. just a revolver easily fitting into a medium rate usps box. guy lists shipping at 45 bucks. tad high, so I email and ask about it. was told he was a 'bargain' at 45 cause he had seen others charge 50. seems as a dealer he needed paid to lets see in his words.......log it out to my ffl............wow that's rough...........go to the post office and mail it...........all takes time and he needs paid for that.

    I simply replied that you can print out your postage right there at your shop and the postman is more then happy to collect your packages when he stops with your mail.

    ah well passed on the auction, was the principal of the thing. not paying someone basically 32 bucks to (after 12 for the usps flat rate) to pack up their auction and drop it at the post office.

    was a good laugh for the day

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    every time i hear 'bargain" and gunbroker/flee-bay in the same sentence -- i get a kind of raw feeling in the rear --LOL!

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