THIS is how the Federal Government will get a National Gun Registry
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Thread: THIS is how the Federal Government will get a National Gun Registry

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    Default THIS is how the Federal Government will get a National Gun Registry

    THIS is how the Federal Government will get a National Gun Registry


    Ever hear of the Consumer Financial Protection Board? Sounds like a innocuous and benevolent thing, i mean, we’re consumers and we’d like to be protected yet protection comes at a cost. In this case, the CFPB is before the House of Representatives stating it wants to know what you buy and keep that information.

    The CFPB has a data-mining program that will make your purchases government knowledge. Officials from the CFPB say their performance goal is to monitor at least four out of every five U.S. consumer credit card transactions this year, estimated total around 42 billion transactions.

    They also want to monitor up to 95% of all mortgage transactions but lets focus on the buying aspect.

    With this invasive and privacy shredding program the federal government will know what you buy, when you buy it and how much of it you buy. Even if you don’t use a credit card to buy firearms, if you use one to buy ammo or parts for your weapon the fed can extrapolate what you have to some degree.

    Everything you buy with a card will be known. How many of us didn’t want to pull out a wad of greenbacks in order to buy a firearm and instead just put it on the debit card? Well, with this program from the CFPB, that will be in their database. A database that is a few button clicks away from a National Gun Registry.


    Black Blade: Another way around this besides using cash is to keep most your firearms and ammo "off site" and well hidden (i.e. Cached and stashed). What Big Bro don't know ain't gonna hurt him.
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    BB i thought you knew there IS a tracking system that TRACKS cash.

    it has been around for years.

    it even follows the cash if you try to wash it buy changing the cash at vendors.

    it was put into place years ago to catch drug king-pins and tax cheats. all for our own good mind you--

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    I'm thinking we already have a National Gun Registry, every time the FBI check goes through when you buy a gun. They may not know what you bought, but they can be pretty sure you bought something.
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    i thought that it would be by a few methods:

    Ns3a: by keeping numbers and reading everything in meta data ( its like reading a book )
    web searches to determine caliber of gun you have

    card #s: everytime you swipe it at the store or give it over the phone, recorded transaction .....

    video surveillance: go to the gun show is recorded either on a close circuit tv or on a network ...

    undercover: agents attending these shows getting personal and asking brief questions

    also there are other ways but these are the ones that i can think of at the moment ...

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