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Thread: New Mexico homeowner shot 250-pound bear after it tried following him into house

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    Default New Mexico homeowner shot 250-pound bear after it tried following him into house

    New Mexico homeowner shot 250-pound bear after it tried following him into house

    Most of the time when an intruder is trying to break into a home, it’s someone looking for easy loot, not a 250-pound black bear. But as one New Mexico homeowner discovered last Friday morning, intruders come in all shapes and sizes.

    According to a local news report, it was about 5 o’clock in the morning when the bear was first spotted in a Cedar Crest neighborhood, about 15 miles east of Albuquerque. Witnesses say that the bear was acting hostile and aggressively moving towards people in the neighborhood.

    Yet according to Sgt. Aaron Williamson of the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, when the bear moved into a back yard, the homeowner fired a shot to scare it away. The bear left, but a short time later came back, harboring even more aggression.

    The homeowner then shot into the air a second time, attempting to scare the bear away, but it didn’t even faze the animal. When the homeowner started to go back inside his home, the bear followed him and that’s when the homeowner shot and killed it.


    Black Blade: Probably checked for disease but a shame that the meat and skin were harvested.
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    It seems like there is a larger amount of Black Bear attacks lately. Not surprising when we as humans keep moving deeper into there territories,, it's not there fault, there basically opportunists and will eat most anything, and we leave lots of stuff around that's easy picking for a bear. There just naturally guarding there larder.

    You know what I always found to be the most effective to scare them away,,,every single time?? A string of small firecrackers,,,it scares the "Billy Jesus" out of them, a couple times of that you won't have to worry about that particular bear coming around again anytime soon! I used those allot at the camp grounds, parking lots and on the AT around shelters while I worked with the Forest Service, it works every time. They were in my pack all the time.

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    I can see PETA, the SPCA, and the local Game & Fish and Wildlife people gearing up for a campaign...
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    Black Bears? We have more Black Bears here in the Ocala Forest than people. They have totally lost their fear of humans, due to hunting restrictions..
    twa yes, noise and dogs scare them, people sure do not.. Three trips to Ocala in the last week, 3 bear sightings along Rt. 40..
    They are a pain in the ass here. Yes we are in their back yard. But they have plenty to eat in the forest, leave our homes and garbage cans alone.. Hell they will walk in our back door if you leave it open.. Plus these bears do not hibernate, they are pretty damn big..
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    we got those damn bears too--

    the AGF brings the problem bears out here and dumps um off. seems the elites up around fayetville like to build thir $1,000,000+ homes out in the forest--

    and if you shoot one it is a felony class deal and a $10K fine-- quite the racket the G&F has going on bears and gators.

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