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    Default 204 RUGER

    Im interested in changing my bulgy 5.45 into a 223, so I have been gathering all the info I can out of the forum. Has anyone done one in the 204 Ruger? Its a small round with a high cup pressure. I like the 5.45 I just don't like the fact I cant reload myself. I reload all my 223 and it makes it cheaper to enjoy shooting. Any advice would be great! Thanks

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    Can't answer the 204 question.

    But people have turned 5.45 kits into 223/5.56.
    But with the way things are now & if the rifle is in good shape and shoots well, you might want to see if you can do a trade or sell what you have for what you want. That just my two cents.
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    i pretty sure the AK can handle the 204 , but hey if you going to go all oddball why not a .17 rem?

    i think colis is on the mark here. i would just leave it as as --and buy/trade/build one in 5,56 --
    so nice to have a ak-74 and a couple tins laying around --for that emergency that might crop up one day!

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