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Thread: Living In A Steel Box: Londoners Live In Shipping Containers Due To Soaring Rents

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    Default Living In A Steel Box: Londoners Live In Shipping Containers Due To Soaring Rents

    Living In A Steel Box: Londoners Live In Shipping Containers Due To Soaring Rents / by Tyler Durden / 12/12/2013 09:05 -0500

    With even Bank of England head Mark Carney admitting UK housing prices may be a little bubbley (and affordability plumbing new depths), RT reports that a hostel in east London has come up with the ingenious idea, to try and solve homelessness amid soaring rents in the British capital, of converting a shipping container from China into a tiny low cost home for hard up and desperate Londoners. The boxes, called mYpads, cost GBP75 per week - around one-quarter of the rent of most distant yet commutable borough in London – and are affordable for even those on minimum wage.

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    Not any worse than staying inside of a deer stand for a hunt.
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    I think it's a great idea. They should be putting them up all over the world, where they're always trying to "help" those less fortunate. I'd still love to make a compound out of them. I think they're cool.
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    They've been doing that in China for years. I've seen some news stories about it.
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    Container City I in London was built back in 2001.
    Pretty common thing in construction/reuse nowdays; lots of ideas on these pages
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