Door to Door Confiscation in NJ
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Thread: Door to Door Confiscation in NJ

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    Default Door to Door Confiscation in NJ

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    id like to see them try this.

    they are gonna have a search warrant for EVERY residence in the state? EVERY?

    if you ever had a search warrant executed on you..... you already know.... they are actually quite picky with what/where they let you search/seize/collect... & they always require pretty solid probable cause.

    a "blanket warrant" for every residence in a state would really be out there in the reach department.

    lets see if this is real or if they can really pull it off.
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    Well, it is the NJ state police, they can invade Poland after lunch without having to change their uniforms...

    OTOH, it appears they asked the state police how they planned to enforce it and they simply responded : ‘We do not discuss enforcement strategies.'” Of course that doesn't rule out kicking down your door, but it also doesn't specifically include it either. They are reading a lot into essentially "no comment"...

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