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    Default How to get SBR approval.....

    The first thing is to check and make sure your State allows Short Barreled Rifles to be owned by Individuals. If not, you still might be able to get one by setting up a Limited Liability Corporation or commonly known as an LLC. As well as an LLC you might also explore setting up a trust as well. Applicants should explore LLC or Trust if the local CLEO has an issue with signing the Form 1.
    Local laws may dictate additional forms. Some members have reported being required to fill one out before his CLEO signed the Form 1. It was basically the same questions as the Form 1 plus how he was securing the firearms and if he had any children...

    For purposes of this tutorial for now we are going to go through the process as an individual.

    You need the following two forms to apply for your SBR Permit plus fingerprint cards. The forms are:
    • ATF Form F1 (5320.1) - Application to Make and Register a Firearm.....
    • ATF Form F 5330.20 - Certificate of Compliance With 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(5)(B)
    • The fingerprint cards are FBI FD-258LE - NFA, Imports ORI DCATF0100
    You can order the ATF forms from Distribution Center Order Form and they will mail them to you at no charge.

    All forms and cards must be sent in duplicate

    You can also can go to and comlete these forms online then print them on your printer. Make sure you print on both sides of the paper. Letter sized paper is acceptable.....You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these online.
    You can get Acrobat from Adobe - Adobe Reader Download - All versions

    The forms are pretty self explanatory but here are a few answers to common questions for ATF Form F1 (5320.1).....
    • #1....mark tax paid
    • #2....mark individual
    • #3a...leave blank
    • #3b....Full name and address making sure to stay between the two dots
    • #4a....Name and Address of the original manufacture. If you are reworking an existing firearm then the original maker goes here such as Bushmaster, Colt, Wilson, etc. If you built this from a kit using a 100% reciever you still put original maker and not yourself. If you made the receiver as a homebuilt then you must engrave your name and address on the reciever and put this info on the form in 4a.
    • this case it is SBR
    • #4c....caliber such as 9mm, .45, .308
    • #4d....Model of the firearm such as FAL, L1A1, AR-15
    • #4e....length of barrel only
    • #4f.....overall length....if you have a folding or collapsible stock it is in the open position
    • #4g.....serial number as it is engraved on the receiver
    • #4h.....I left this blank...if this is a kit build you can put the trunion serial here but I think it confuses things
    • #4i......I used "Collector Interest" others have used "Private Collection"
    • #5.......FFL # of applicant if applicable...03 C&R's should be put here as well as 01 and so forth
    • #5a......Leave blank unless you have an EID and have paid the SOT
    • The rest are simple yes or know answers.
    • Make sure to sign in #9 and Date #11
    • You will need two current passport photos and attach them to #12 on each copy
    Fill out two copies of ATF Form F 5330.20 - Certificate of Compliance With 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(5)(B)

    The next step is take your 2 copies (with pictures attached) of the filled out application, your Certification of Compliance forms along with your blank Fingerprint cards to your local Law Enforcement Agency (Sheriff or Police Dept.) and ask to be fingerprinted using your cards. These cards must be
    FBI FD-258LE - NFA, Imports ORI DCATF0100 or they will not accept them at the NFA Branch

    I suggest calling first. Some Dept's only fingerprint civilians on certain days.

    After getting your fingerprints scanned take your fingerprint cards and application to your LEO for his or her signature. Some LEO's will do it while you wait, others will call you when they are ready.

    After getting your LEO's Signature mail your forms with attached pictures, Certificates of Compliance and fingerprint cards to the following address along with a check or money order in the amount of $200 payable to the Dept of Treasury......

    US Dept of Justice
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
    Martinsburg, WV 25401-9341
    • Registered Mail is best because they have to sign for it and it leaves a trail for you to trace your paperwork in case it were to get lost in the mail....
    • Wait times vary but are usually in the 6 to 8 week time frame
    After receipt of the approved application send the receiver off to have it SBR engraved. All SBR's have to be engraved with the owners name and address. You can contact Ryan at Orion Arms to get the engraving done. His email is [email protected]....He will be very happy to help with your engraving. He has a lot of custom templates too. Check out his website. Their work is top notch..

    When you get your receiver back you can build or assemble your SBR.

    Make sure to burn copies of the original tax stamp and put the original in a safe place. A copy must accompany the firearm at all times and must be provided to an ATF agent if requested.

    Disclaimer: This is meant as an informational guideline for applying for and getting your SBR approval. While we strive to submit fully correct information neither Gunco nor the Author are responsible for any typographical or informational errors. It is ultimately up to you to follow all State and Federal laws. More information on this subject may be downloaded from the ATF website at ATF Online - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
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