Just a Thought on Supporting the "Good" Politicians
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Thread: Just a Thought on Supporting the "Good" Politicians

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    Default Just a Thought on Supporting the "Good" Politicians

    Hello All,

    I have gotten into the habit of sending e-mails to any Congressman, Senator, or other politician every time I see them doing something "good" for our rights.

    Some do not accept e-mails from those outside their districts, in which case I send a nearly identical e-mail to my Congressman or Senators, and I express my thanks and pleasure to them instead.

    Since I live in the PRK, my Senators are Boxer and Feinstein. The funny thing is that they have begun responding to me with short notes indicating that they have passed on my e-mail to the appropriate Senators, etc.

    It's not much, but I think we should all try to give moral support to ANY politician who is fighting for our rights. I sent two e-mails today to the Senators from Montana after they sent a letter to AG Eric Holder, in which they roundly spanked him for suggesting the re-enactment of AWB II.

    The more people these politicians hear from, the stronger their resolve will be to take these fights on.

    I use the NRA tool, it can be found here:

    NRA-ILA :: Action Center

    Take Care!!!!
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    The best thing one can do is write them, call them and email them with your demands. Remember they work for you, you are the boss and don't let them forget it. Don't be afraid to demand how you want this country to be.
    I don't pussy foot around with them I tell them exactly how I feel and what will happen if they if they ignore We the People.

    Stand up for your country.

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    bellson, you are on the right track, also mention you will support them with $$ for reelection. if we all did that we would turn the tide .

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