I bought my first gun in 1955. It was a war surplus British Enfield handgun in .38S&W caliber. It costed $9.99. I don't recall the cost of ammo but there was a cardboard box on the counter containing the ammo. You took however many you wanted and put them in a paper bag. I think that those shells were less than a nickel each.
Several times I ordered guns through the mail. I bought several .303 British rifles They usually costed around $15 or less. I ordered an FN semi-auto rifle once. I also was in and out of gun shops buying, selling and trading guns in those days. And, there was NO paperwork required! AH, FREEDOM - I love it!
This all came to an end when the Federal Thug-eaucracy enacted the 1968 Gun Law.
Since then we have seen multiple infringements on our RIGHT to "KEEP AND BEAR ARMS!"
So, where did this 1968 law originate? Well, the pro gun organization JPFO (Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership) has done a study and found that it is based almost word for word on the 1938 Nazi Gun Law! They obtained a copy of the Nazi Law and translated it into English and then they laid the 1938 Nazi Law and the 1968 American law side by side and found that there is a startling similarity between them. According to the JFPO an American Senator (his name escapes me) was at the 1946 Nuremburg Trial when he ran across the Nazi law. He was the one who pushed this law through in 1968. I guess he had the opinion that anybody who hated civilians having firearms as much as the Nazis did can't be all bad!
So, we whipped Adolph in 1945 but his legacy is alive and well today in America!