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Thread: "Sporting" rifles vs. the evil "assault" rifle

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    The slidefire stock

    LOL OK .

    Well my advice is worry about getting a good kit an the 922 parts while there is a slight decrease in prices .

    AI M70 is OK for a first build bur you want to get a stamped receiver kit not a milled . a M70 cost a bit more to build as they dont use a standard reciver so figure on about $120 or so for a 100$ made recover or your goiung to have to work with bent blank from some one like cold steel solution.

    Not knowing your skill level Im going to recommend a NodaK Spud Receiver for a first build . there the best IMO . you will pay a little more but you will get a good receiver .

    save your cash for a nice kit an your likely going to need a barrel to need a barrel also.

    A rommy or similar klit will be a cheaper an slightly easier build an more barrel choices an a standard AK recover will work an there aremore choices for flats an bent blanks.

    Keep in mind your wont save much if any building these days .

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    I believe 922r only applies to foreign made guns. The gun per ATF is the receiver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hvymax View Post
    I believe 922r only applies to foreign made guns. The gun per ATF is the receiver.
    922(r) applies to ANY semi automatic rifle or shotgun that would be banned from import. It was created precisely because building a banned rifle on a US receiver was a workaround for the 89 import ban. Companies were importing parts kits and building them on US receivers. The .GOV didn't like this, so they passed 922(r) to eliminate this practice. At the time no one made US replacement parts.

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