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    Default Just a howdy

    I haven't been on in a coons age and thought I'd just touch base with all you old farts that I used to bat the breeze with.

    Not sure how many of you survived the winter, a pretty mild one here in VT this year,,it was slow as hell going away though, the first stretch of warm we've had only happened 2 weeks ago. Before it was in the 40's most the time. Finally 70+,,,,,

    I'm up to my same old thing and about the only thing that has been going on is I , lost my son last fall, lost one of my 18 year old pups, bought a Bad Ass new 4 wheeler, bought and sold a few toys and just been dubbing off mostly.

    I am looking at buying a camp way up to hell and gone in the mountains with 20 acres and a stream going right past the camp 75' or so away

    I made an offer on it today. There's miles of State land all around and just plain un-buildible land just past it and it's 10 miles or more in 3 different directions before you even get to another dirt road, nice wild country. They actually stop plowing in winter 5-600 yards up the road too. One neighbors only 4-500' away but you can't see there place but the other one is on the other side of a hill 7-800' away. There's only 2 more houses further up and then it's closed over half the year. But that's OK , there's nothing up there but hunting or state land till the other side of the mountain 15 miles away and pretty much a jeep/truck road the rest of the time. Basically a class 4 half the year. Nice house's up there too,the next door neighbor even has a Trump 2020 banner on his front porch,,I think I'll go visit there with a 6 er and introduce myself if I get the place. He appears to be close to my age too.

    Oh Ya,,looks like a winter paradise for hunting and playing year round,,,I think I've died and gone to heaven !!! It's just what I've always wanted.

    Deer and Bear everywhere up there too and a really beautiful mature mixed forest . There's pine and Hemlock up there that must be 3 ' across and straight as can be. Maple, ash, beach ,white and silver birch lots of wild edibles all over. It's almost like being back out on the AT,again,,HEAVEN! LOL!!

    This 1700+ sq ft 3 bedroom house is just Way To Much for me to keep up with so it's time to downsize. This one is 700sq ft,,,and will be much more manageable.

    Plus It's just where I've wanted to be so @ 70,,I'd better be getting to it and getting it done! I haven't that much good ,,,fucking off ,,left in me, so I'd better make the best of it NOW.

    Any of you Amigos from the past pipe in and say howdy,,I see a few of you still hanging around,,,,,it would be nice to touch base with you all.

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    Hi welcome back.

    Some old timers stop by from time to time.

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    Sorry for your losses, but it is good to hear from you.

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