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Thread: HF Spot welder question

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    I bought the 220V model and I have built 4 receivers using it with no problems. I see where it could/can burn through the metal, but you must be not paying attention to have it do so........
    Quote Originally Posted by 7.62x39
    The 220V will work, it's just not as forgiving.
    It has a smaller window between welded and melted.

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    I just looked over the balcony here at work and I see hundreds of 480V weld guns welding doors together. And I'm talking about .030 to .050 steel. It's more about the time vs current formula. I made a little timer setup with a contactor so I can run my miller 240V spot welder from .001 of a second up to 10 minutes with the push of a button. I'd really love to haul a robot home with me and set up an assembly line

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    An electronic timer is great, but most home builders only do a few receivers and don't go to the bother/expense of hooking in a controller. They use the "*click* one mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi *click*" timer. Those with 220volt models sometimes use the "*Click* one mississippi, two mississ [email protected]#%$$$#$&### *click*" timer.

    If you ever do get the robot set up in the garage, I'll be over at your place the next weekend!

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    I wish I knew how to do this.

    The timing doesn't seem to work for me because of varying pressure, thickness, cleanliness, and fit.

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