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    Default Mini Mill's in town!

    HF had free shipping and is truck shipping it. Dumasses said they left a message, but no message was on my phone, otherwise I'd be cleaning off the packing grease tonight!

    I can already see I need to get that rotary table I was asking about earlier on. Planning to do some work on muzzle attachments and I want to properly index those flash suppressor holes!

    First things first - the new floorplates stamping die will probably be the very first thing I'll produce. With this I hope to more quickly produce those floorplates I keep talking about.

    Can't wait until Monday!

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    You should just go into business Pookie.
    "The way of the warrior is death, this means choosing death whenever there is a choice between life and death. It means nothing more than this, it means to see things through, being resolved."---Yamamoto Tsunemoto's Hagakure

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    I've said it before, I'll say it again...

    Actually I won't hassle ya about it for a little while. I'll wait till ya get some more money stashed under the hobby rock.

    When you look at a rotary table, make sure to consider one that can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Most can, but some of the cheapy models can't. Also look into an index plate. You can do some REALLY cool work with that combination.

    Have fun with the new toy. And for cryin' out loud, wear your PPE! There have been enough injuries of board members and their families lately...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhino_66
    And for cryin' out loud, wear your PPE! There have been enough injuries of board members and their families lately...
    I was drilling a hole and wearing safety glasses, a piece of metal flipped off the drill bit hit the vise and bounced up "under" the saftey glasses. I didn't get hurt but it freaked me out. I wear goggles now.

    PPE is to important to forget, even for that "quickie" I'll just deburr that hole little job.

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