I would like input please.
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Thread: I would like input please.

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    Default I would like input please.

    I?d like some input on this before I purchase this machine. http://www.grizzly.com/catalog/2004/417.cfm?
    I?m looking for something that will be right for gun work mainly and I feel this is about the best I?ve seen.
    One thing I like is that the Spindle bore is 1 1/8?, that will allow most barrels to pass through the head?s spindle bore and make turning threads or crowning a barrel easier. The cost ($1,395.00) is in my range but if anyone knows of any other Combo Lathe / Mill that is better in any way or if someone sells one that?s equal but cheaper I?d really like to hear from you.
    Any input will be appreciated; a lot of you guys have more experience in this field than I do. I?ve been lucky to have the use of the equipment where I?ve worked in the past, but now I need my own machines. I?m now self employed?..OK? I?m unemployed and need to make a living, so I hope to combine that and a hobby at the same time. I?m also looking into a reasonably priced MIG welder at this time.
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    I have the same machine from back when it was marketed by Smithy and I'll tell you what I told Hotbarrel, buy a seperate lathe and mill as the combo machines don't do anything well. If you look around you should be able to find good used machines for about what you are about to spend on that machine. I wish I would have listened 7 yrs ago.
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    That is the standard advice that I have always seen given. I have the big green milling machine from Harbor Freight and while it is a capable machine it's lack of a knee really sucks. If I were to do it again I would spend more money and get one with a knee and I would definitely get a seperate lathe and mill. Once you get something dialed in and set up you really do not want to have to tear it down so you can perform another operation with the other half of your combo machine.
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