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    Default mini mill question

    can any one give me information about a mill I am looking at buying?
    is is a jp5 mini mill made by d&m which was later bought out by lab volt
    what I am looking for is
    length of x axis
    length of y axis
    height of z axis
    motor speed
    feed rates of various materals
    what materals can this handle metal,plastics ect.
    a link to or information on where I can find any and all information I can get my hands on and where to buy tooling needed.

    is this mill able to handle milling a 1911 80% frame?
    that is the main purpose for getting one is to build a 1911 for my self, is this too little machine for a job like that??
    thank you in advance for any help

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    I like fiddling around with benchtop mills alot, could you post a link to pic or website so I can get an idea of which machine you are reffering to? Alot of companies just rebadge imports, if its one I recognize I will def give my opinion.
    The little sieg X2 that harbour frieght sells in store for about $400 is a great little benchtop machine. Not to plug my hobby business but you can see a link to the x2 retrofitted to cnc here.

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