I made some chips today
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Thread: I made some chips today

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    Thumbs up I made some chips today

    I finaly finished the M head bridgeport AND fixed the oil drip problem last night. I now have the oil dripping into the top of the spindle and not running down the sides of it. I have plenty of oil dripping out the drain holes now.
    Today I made my first cut into a tool holder for my lathe. I removed about 3/4" material at 3/8" deep. I started with cuts of .010 and the spline play was prety loud in the main shaft. I did note when I held onto the shaft it would quiet rite down conferming it is just the ware in the spline. I worked my way up in cut depth up to .050 and it quieted down a lot. this is 3/8 deep and .050 cut with a 2/1" carbide tool and it cut like a champ!!
    now even better news, the finish of the cut was smooth as glass!! I did not measure how far off center the tool is after the new bearings were installed but they must be very close to give a finish that nice.
    I know many guys will think an M head is a big waste BUT I am very happy with it and I am shure it will do all I need, not to mention for the money I have into it includeing the rebuild, it cost less that a china machine. I am very happy with it now.
    I have a couple friends here in the neiborhood that have a few things they would like some work done to , so that will give me some fun to play with and have good friends over too. how can I loose!!

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    If it does all ya want, then to hell with the naysayers. Ignore them and keep the chips flying.

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    Happy cuttin to the millin man!

    Rember to keep thim fingers back!

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    Sounds like your old school like my dad. He made gears for a Shaper to put it back into service. He got it cheap and made parts for it at his real job. In a few years he was on his "own" He said they don't make anything that can hog off that much in a single pass. I learned the hard way not to stand where the chips were headed. They came off that thing a blue purple (550 degerees) smoking and would get through the hair on my arms (Iam almost ape hairy ) like a hot knife through butter and burn in. My dad used that beast to hog out what ever shape he needed. I have can't say I've seen many of them. They don't makem' like that. I've learned "new" don't always mean better. I fix things for a living (maint/elec tech) and I've seen lots of new supposed to be better. If your happy with your old war horse and she runs that sweet, nobody's happier than you my man............ so what you making now "chips" I used to tease my dad with that all the time in his shop. He'd ask me about sparks ( I am a sparky by trade and do mechanical stuff to) we'd have a laugh and I watch all the old stuff work. I miss those days dads retired now and no shop any more...... So go make some "chips dooooooooooood"

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    I'll have salsa and sour cream with those chips d00d!!

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    Never mind the chips, I want to see what's left after the chips stop flying. LOL

    Congrats on getting it up and running HB.
    You do some pretty nice work on that old warhorse of a lathe you have, so I'm sure you'll be turning out some neat stuff with this old girl too.

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