Member BlackFetus - trying to get a hold of him!
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Thread: Member BlackFetus - trying to get a hold of him!

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    Default Member BlackFetus - trying to get a hold of him!

    Hey guys! I am trying to get a hold of member BlackFetus on here. I have sent multiple pm's, with no reply and it shows he's online, and also I have emailed with no reply. Just curious as to if someone has another way to contact him? It is in rgards to his WTS ads. He has been active within the last few days so I am confused...... thanks! (Yes I am new here, so it's possible I am posting in the wrong place or maybe I am violating some rule? Please fill me in if I am haha, thx.)

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    If I recall Black Fetus was in the moving process or just found out he had more kits than time and really came back to unload the stuff. Have the pm's gone through? He may have sold everything or just busy.He's a laid back guy and nice in the way he conducts himself. Relax, good chance he'll contact you one way or the other. HTH.
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    yeah he's around.

    usually pretty good with contacting you.
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