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    Default Deer season!

    Who's going out or has already started? My wife and I are posting up next Monday morning, possibly Tuesday depending on our luck. We went down to WV last time we went but this year we are going on her dads property. Sucks that the county doesn't allow us to use rifles but we'll be on a nice chunk of wooded land. I got the shotguns ready and a new stand setup today.

    Her dad says it will be like shooting fish in a barrel with how many he's seen this year, let's hope!
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    Take the modern front stuffer if you have one and they're legal. A lot better option than a shotgun in most cases.
    Either way, best of luck to both of you!
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    Been out for a week now, and seen plenty of deer ,,mostly doe and several non shooter bucks. Here the buck has to have at least 3 points, and you can only take 1, muzzle loader you can take either, but still only 1.

    I did see a 6 & a 4 yesterday but to far through some relatively thick branches and I could only see the tops of the heads poking up over a rise and no clear shot resented itself. I had both in the scope several times but at 130ish through the woods I just couldn't find a big enough hole to shoot through. One of the guys I was hunting with had to leave early and he kicked them up on the way out, that was a shame too,they were feeding right towards me,,another 25-30 yards I would have had a shooting lane,were feeding right towards it.

    Pouring rain tomorrow so I get a break,,and have time to work on the AMD65 I'm putting together. I need one, this spot I can't use my wheeler at so I have to hoof it and that's killing me. That fall took the wind right out of my sails,,big time.

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