You can tell it's getting close to ice fishing time. Everyone around here is getting there stuff checked out and last years fishing stories are flying!!

We'll be starting our tours of the 4 big sporting goods stores/chains and several sportsman shows soon, so you won't be seeing me on quite so much. Heavy into deer season right now though, but had to take a brake this morning,,I overdid it a bit yesterday and my knees are screaming at me this morning!

Tonight, the 19th on World Fishing Network there will be 2 shows airing on ice fishing. This is one the we filmed last year on the Connecticut River. You'll get to see the guys I work with all winter and my self doing segments on different equipment and techniques. You'll also get to see some of the great pan fishing we have in this area.

So If you want to get a look at the crusty old codular you've been talking to for the last couple years here, I'll be on at 8-9;00PM on World Fishing Network , I'm Les on the video. The old fart!!!

I'm kinda the Ice Teams equivalent of "Uncle Si" on Duck Dynasty,,,,

At least so I've been told !!!

Tune In if ya can,,,,,,,