The template was wrapped on when I bought it from a seller a long time ago. Fcg I think I get Just fine. Bolt mods I'm wondering about. What do I need to do to the tube and bolt? Blocking bar in the tube and cut in the bolt. Haven't decided yet if it's going to be a pistol or a rifle. It'll either have a barrel extension or a permanently sealed folder. It's an earlier import all original plus barrel. Will it be an AOW with that folding stock buttplate hanging down as a grip. I sold or traded the sten parts set except for one bronze alloy bolt I used for practice on the lathe to turn down to the "wasp" diameter for someone having an legal papered weapon. Sure don't need or want it. Any offers on that? Just been running across the extra spare parts and I've got that spam can of 7.62x25 laying around. Another AR upper or a build? Just pondering. What y'all think? Thanks.