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    Postak Prepare Now For Just In Case

    What to do to prepare now?

    1. Stop telling people you have guns. Even like-minded pro 2A friends don't need to know everything you have.
    2. Buy your weapons and supplies for them now.
    3. Get training if available.
    4. Get into shape and look after your health to the best extent you can.
    5. Be active politically but treat the opposition like the enemy. Don't discuss politics with the opposition. It's too late to try to convert people.
    6. Remove all political and gun related bumper stickers. Time to start keeping a low profile.
    7. Keep up with a variety of news sources, especially what's going on around the country. You never know when a riot is coming to your town.
    8. Be agreeable to "the enemy." Pretend you are just as liberal as they are. This will let you infiltrate them and out their plans to your side. But this is also why you do not discuss your real views except with like-minded people you've known for a long time.
    9. Move to a rural area or small town if you can. The cities are likely to go first just due to the concentration of people if nothing else.
    10. Be prepared to improvise. You might have to abandon everything on a moment's notice and just GO.
    11. With number 10 have the BOB ready to go then. With hopefully all the necessary items that you will need.
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    some of those things are in place..

    moved even more rural... making the online presence smaller.. as prepped as we are willing to get & still be able to live as we choose.

    in this hobby we just have soooo much stuff online that it doesnt matter what you do now vs what is already archived on the crawler from before.
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