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    Default FN FAL Trigger Job

    I built an Imbel with all the U.S. required parts. I checked my trigger weight and wasn't surprised to find it around 10 lbs. I search the "net" for a lighter FAL after market trigger. All I found was "Falcon Ind." has a spring set. I don't remember the price or weight reduction. I decided to try and make my own set of springs.
    I went to "True Value" hardware store with my trigger spring and found the closest match (size). The spring compression was half of the original one. (3 per pak for $1.85)
    I compared spring lengths and cut the new one two rounds longer. I then cut two rounds off my sear spring. I measured with my "Lyman's trigger scale" and reduced my pull by 4 lbs.
    It's that simple, If you want to try my way I suggest cutting your trigger/sear springs one round at a time. Test your pull and if needed cut "one round" again until your at the weight you feel safe with.
    I didn't do anything to my trigger or sear. No buffing, polishing, grinding or cutting. This is the same FAL in my thread " I'm in Guntech magazine"

    The hardware store is "True Value Hardware" not "TruValue". It's like the old "Mom & Pop" stores. It's where you can buy just one piece or more at a time. Whitch reminds me, I need to look in my "Brownell's" catalog and get some specs. on some gunsmith extras. Pins, springs, and metal stock.

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    I will vouch for this method, my friend did the same and it worked great. I then did the same on mine, expecting his was just a fluke and that it wouldnt work on mine but it did. Still running great with no problems after several hundred rounds. One of the easiest trigger jobs I ever did.
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    Same here, builted a GI off a enterprize receiver several years back.
    Don't remember where i brought the trigger,but after the spring job the trigger was,and still is 31/2 pounds. One of the most accurate rifles in my collection.
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