Ordered a Shockwave blade pistol stabilizer brace last from Primary Arms in Texas on cyber Monday. Received it and the buffer tube in my mail Friday.$29+$20 on sale. Ordered some other parts from them and also parts from Anderson Manufacturing who are located about 30 miles south of me. I now have all the parts needed to finish #7, a16"AR15 carbine, and will begin putting together my new CQC 5.56 pistol. I found a 12.5" barrel at KAKINDUSTRY.COM. That Company is involved with making the shockwave blade. This VALUE-LINE 5.56 NATO 12.5 INCH MID MELONITE BARREL they offer goes for $103.00. My local fun store will be provided me with Anderson striped upper, lower, LPK, and the buffer tube parts needed to finish my new pistol lower. I've been trying to locate a couple F-marked FSB,s, maybe the bolt on kind, since it is recommended to have a gunsmith install them. Maybe I'll just go with a simpler gas block when I get that far along. Happy Sunday