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    Exclamation Updated classifieds rules

    Updated rules for the Classifieds area

    1. Must be a Gunco member in good standing for at least 30 days with at least 30 posts to post any items for sale.

    2. All ads must be in your own thread, no bootlegging on some one else's thread.

    3. All ads must be accompanied with actual photos of the item(s) for sale, no stock photos except for Verified vendors and sponsors, and no "email for Pix". 5 items per User and up to 5 items per post. No multiple posts from the same person on the front page.

    If a person posts an item for sale and on other boards he is required to come back to gunco and edit his past to show the item is sold.

    4. All items that are listed and sold need to be edited to show they are sold but still show original price.

    5. All sellers must have their PMs turned on to allow buyers to PM them, no "email me to buy" or the likes.

    6. The classifieds are for members selling personal items, and for paid vendors and sponsors. If anyone has a quantity of items to sell, such as a dealer or vendor, they should contact an admin or moderator to go through the process of becoming a paid vendor or sponsor.

    7. If you aren't a sponsor or paid advertiser you better not be a business posting for sale items. If it gets to the point of 3 infractions you will be banned from selling in the Gunco Classifieds.

    Vendor Information

    If you are a non-paying vendor advertising your website and products for sale here your ad will be deleted and you will be contacted. Please keep in mind 2 things.

    1. We have paying vendors and sponsors here and it is not fair to them that other vendors are posting here and not paying.

    2. We like to check out our vendors first and get references to protect our user base from fraudulent or shady vendors.

    For information on advertising or becoming an advertiser click here

    Other things to remember for all posters.

    You are buying and selling at your own risk and Gunco will try to help mediate any disputes best we can. We give it about 2-3 e-mails and if both parties cannot come to an compromise, you are on your own.

    In the case of outright ripoffs and illegal activity, the poster/seller will be ejected from the community with little or no warning.


    Please post on your ads when items are sold so the staff can move them to the sold section.

    As always have a good time at Gunco and good luck selling and buying! You really can find some good items here and selling seems to be pretty easy too.

    For a copy of the forum rules check the link below.
    Forum rules

    Forum rules discussion area.

    Classifieds Rules
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    This is the post that should not be necessary. But unfortunately ....

    Don't accept someones's offer then renege because a higher one came in.

    Don't add conditions after the sale. If the sale of one item is contingent on the sale of all state that in the original post.

    This is a gun board. If you are a flake, deadbeat or outright crook; please keep that in mind.
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